"Water is the principle, or the element, of things.

All things are water."

Thales von Milet

Underground cistern & Custom water storage

Using rainwater - as a present from above - for house and gardens service water is not only convenient but also in spirit of the age.


The use of “soft” rainwater is gentle to technical devices, environment and last but not least – for the owners wallet.

constructed for a volume of water up to 5000 liters

Less calcification of technical devices, reduces detergent per washing, a reasonable reaction to the imminent water shortage.



The Rain-Fresher preserves quality and pureness of rainwater, as a diamond shelter for the precious water.

Good sized cisterns guarantee water supplies in house and garden also in southern countries with less rainfall or during hout summers with little amount of precipitation. Rainwater is gathered during rainy springtime, collecting containers are filled up with every little downpour or intensive thunderstorms.



“Water is the driving force in nature.” 

 Leonardo da Vinci

As long as water is moving in nature it will be alive and renewing itself.


In cisterns and barrels, rainwater normally gets no turbulence to add oxygen but too much heat, organic material collects, a biolayer develops and the water constantly loosing quality.

Fresh water turns into bad water, algue grows, organic material collects, filtration systems fail fast.


Rain-Fresher prevents negative effects

catch the rain and keep it!

  • no bad water
  • cristalclear
  • no added chemistry
  • extends the cycle of filter change



The use of Boron doped diamonds opens up completely new applications in waste-water treatment because the direct production of oxidizers with high potential, such as hydroxyl radicals (OH-radicals), is possible. This is not possible with any other electrode material.

  • without any chemicals added
  • maintenance-free
  • ecological
  • sustainable

Dr. Wolfgang Staber

CEO pro aqua

# because every drop counts.



Rain-Fresher for
garden use