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"The boron-doped diamond electrode is worldwide unique and patented.
The system was developed in Austria, and has been used for years in industrial water treatment."

Dr. Wolfgang Staber, CEO pro aqua

The use of boron-doped diamonds opens up completely new applications in waste-water treatment because the direct production of oxidizers with high potential, such as hydroxyl radicals (OH-radicals), is possible. This is not possible with any other electrode material.

Diamond is a non-conductor. Only when the diamond is doped with boron does conductivity exist, and the diamond is suitable for the electrolysis of water. 

There are some other materials such as tin or lead with comparable properties, however when they are used as electrolysis electrode, they emit contaminants (heavy metals) into the electrolyte to be treated, such as pool water.

With the boron-doped diamond the contamination effect can be avoided. The pro aqua diamond electrode has been developed specifically for applications such as pool water disinfection, disinfection in the food industry and drinking water disinfection, where no contamination is allowed. These durable and long-lasting diamond electrodes cannot emit contaminants (heavy metals) even under high stress, as they do not contain any.


"The flow of water and the ways of love have not changed since the times of old gods"

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 Was ist die Besonderheit der bor-dotierten Diamantelektrode?




Classic technic of electrolysis

in its best form and most modern appication


Electrolytic decomposition from water H2O to oxygen O2 (develops at the anode, the positive electrode) and hydrogen H2 (develops at the cathode, the negative electrode) is a well known process. Many people probably remember chemistry classes at school, when water electrolysis was used for the production of oxyhydrogen.

Electrical conductivity and electrolysis.

The special feature of Bor-doped diamond-electrode

The technical requirements for electrolysis are at least two electrodes, an electrolyte and a current source. Chemical reactions occur when the electrodes submerged in the electrolyte are connected to the voltage generator. Which reactions proceed are ultimately dependent on the electrode material used.


A comprehensive mix of oxidizers is produced directly from water and its constituents when boron-doped diamonds are used as electrode material. 

These oxidizers cause an efficient reduction of organic contamination (CSB-reduction)ans so it efficient reduces micro-organisms by withdrawing the organic they need to multiply.

# because every drop counts.

 Dr. Wolfgang Staber

CEO proaqua



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