Rain - a present from above to be used in garden and house

- as long as it stays clear and fresh

Usually rainwater doesn't stay fresh and clear after the rain shower is gone. 

After some days of sunshine and heat without circulation also best water will rapidly loose its quality.

The water gets cloudy - algae will grow and a biolayer will form.


Good water turns into unusable bad water - nothing left but a bad smell.


Water needs to keep in move to breath and stay clear


Rain-Fresher maintains rainwater nearly indestructible diamond-clear!


without any chemistry added

without sophisticated filter systems

Based on elektrolysis process the Rain-Fresher uses future high-tech for a "green-future" in your own garden.

After years of research activities and tests, the Rain-Fresher offers a perfect solution for keeping water healthy. 

A benefit for garden, environment and wallet.

  • without any added chemistry
  • maintenance-free
  • ecological
  • sustainable


Mit dem Einsatz von Bor-Dotierten Diamanten erschließen sich völlig neue Anwendungen in der Wasserbehandlung, da die direkte Produktion von Oxidationsmitteln mit hohem Potential wie den Hydroxyl-Radikalen (OH-Radikale) gegeben ist. Diese Anwendung ist mit keinem anderen Elektrodenmaterial möglich.



 Dr. Wolfgang Staber

executive director PROAQUA

# because every drop counts.



Rain-Fresher for

garden use



Rain-Fresher for

underground cistern

domestic water use