water - as fresh fallen from above!

Catch the rain and keep it with Rain-Fresher technology

in its cristal-clear form!



Rain-Fresher keeps water in its best form, diamond-clear!

To catch the rain and keep it!

  • diamond-clear water
  • without any added chemistry
  • keeps filter a longer service life

Rainfresher is suitable both, for rain barrels and for underground cisterns.

It can be operated via direct connection of power supply and also via solar panel and the power of sun.


Product against algae and smell in fresh water!


Wasser - wie frisch aus den Wolken gefallen!

The Rain-Fresher ist designed for containers with a capacity from 100 to 5,000 liters.

Up to 1,000 litres for containers, where the container is positioned outdoors and is therefore directly and/or indirectly exposed to sun and heat.

Up to 5,000 litres for containers buried in the ground and therefore, where the container is not directly and/or indirectly exposed to the sun.


Scope of delivery:

  • Rain-Fresher incl. cable  (3 m)
  • solar cell with polarity reversal unit OR power supply unit with polarity reversal
  • mounting kit
  • operating manual
Rain-Fresher von: pro aqua Diamantelektroden Produktion GmbH
249,90 €

199,90 €

  • 2 kg
  • verfügbar
  • 3 - 5 Tage Lieferzeit1

  Perfect for Häuslbauer, house owners and gardeners - for all of you`ll forget about problems with bad water.



  • Height: 265 mm
  • Head diameter: 140 mm
  • diamond electrod (inside) 100 mm x 25 mm
  • Material housing: ABS
  • Cable lenght: 2 m

 solar cell modell:  

  • 280 mm x 350 mm x 25 mm
  • housing made of stabile aluminium, including mounting bracket
  • output voltage: 36 V
  • Output power: max. 10 watts
  • Output current: max. 0.28 A

power supply:  

  • Input voltage: 100-240 VAC
  • Output voltage: 48 VDC
  • Output current: ma. 0,75 A 
  • Output power: max. 36 W
  • cable lenght: 2 m
  • Dimensions: 7545x30
  • Usage: only for indorr use
  • polarity reversal unit (waterproof)

Keep rainwater clean and clear: This is how RF works - for you:

The Rain-Fresher has a floating head that allows it to float on the water surface, automatically assuming a vertical position. This ensures that the built-in electrolysis unit is always supplied with water via the existing openings - the inlet and the outlet.

The electrolysis unit inside the Rain-Fresher is its "heart". Die eingebaute Elektrolyseeinheit ist das Herzstück des Rain-Freshers. This is made of two platin-electrodes and one diamond-electrode, which enables the Rain-Fresher to detach oxygen directly out of rainwater - without any added chemicals or other expedients. 

The free oxygen is very reactive and reduces reliable pollutants, alues and bacteria in the rainwater. Therefor water will not get bad-water and the natural quality of rainwater stays as clean and clear as fresh fallen.

Rainwater - taken from store containing Rain-fresher, can be used perfectly for gardening and household -Rainwater is healty for domestic appiances, and soilings in toilet or washing mashine are not a topic any more.  



Our mission is to supply clean and clear waters. 

Therefor we keep developing new products and solutions on the way in a "green future.


Dr. Wolfgang Staber

managing director pro aqua